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 Welcome to everything you need to get the most out of this experience!

The beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol make Málaga one of the most visited provinces in Spain. And this month’s box will put you in touch with the best that Málaga has to offer in terms of cultural and culinary delights including recipes for local dishes, an online guidebook to the best museums, local baked goods and souvenirs from the Pompidou and Picasso Museums.

Let’s get started on your exploration of Málaga!

First of all, here is what you will find in your box:

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Here is some nutritional information on your baked goodies.

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Here is a printable version of the recipe cards we sent you in case you would like to share these with friends :)

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Malaga is a true City of Museums too…

There are 37 museums in total, most of them concentrated in the historic quarter, making Malaga's old town one of those with the highest density of Museums.

Click here to get a guide to some of our favorites.