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Welcome to everything you need to get the most out of this Experience!

Seville is a magical city with secrets hidden within its monuments and landmarks. The past still runs deep within the catacombs that tunnel beneath the streets. Sevilla has also seen more violent history and passion than almost anywhere else in Europe, it is also one of the most actively paranormal places around.

Because of this, researchers and experts from around the world travel here to research amazing phenomenon and hidden mysteries.

This month we have compiled a collection of our favorite October sweets along with a guidebook to our local ghosts and a kit to make your own shadow puppet theatre!

Just follow the links below to get started on your October adventure:

We hope you enjoy!

First, here is what is inside your box

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Here is a little more info on the sweets and allergens they contain.

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If you would like to try your hand at making some traditional confections for this time of year in Spain, check out the recipes here at Saintly Sweets!

And if you have not already, you will find our blog post on All Saints Day and other October traditions on the Meeting Point Post.

If you are ready to get started exploring our local ghosts and paranormal activities, just click the cover below to access your guidebook…

When you feel you have enough inspiration to put on your shadow puppet show, you will find instructions and supplies to build your own puppet theatre.

And here is a playlist chocked full of haunting tunes to inspire you!