The Reyes Magos Experience: Spanish Sweets!

The Reyes Magos Experience: Spanish Sweets!


In Sevilla, Christmas is just the beginning of the holiday season, and the Reyes de Magos (Wise Men) play a huge part in the continued celebration. 

In their honor, we offer you a special box of Spanish Sweets fit for a king or queen… prince or princess!

Here are some of the key ingredients:  Artisanal chocolates with almonds, oranges and raisins, authentic and organic Turrón (a delicious candy bar of Moorish origin), Polvorón. (shortbread cookies famous for their crumbly consistency) Tortas de Aciete (handmade with local olive oil), as well as a ceramic incense burner complete with frankincense and myrrh.  

You can also request a gift card with a personal message to include in the box.

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