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When you want to learn about Spanish culture and language through hands-on cultural experiences and personalized classes.

A note from your guide and director, Cristina Exposito 

¿Vienes a Sevilla de viaje? ¿Quieres aprovechar al máximo tu estancia en la ciudad? ¿Quieres hablar español cómodamente con un nativo? ¿Has estudiado durante años el idioma y ahora no sabes cómo comunicarte?
No te preocupes porque LaCasa Sevilla tiene la solución perfecta para ti.

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¿Te interesa conocer de la mano de una profesora cualificada y con experiencia cómo viven y piensan los sevillanos? ¿Te aburre estar sentado en una clase y aprender español con un libro? ¿Quieres aprovechar tu tiempo en Sevilla conociendo la ciudad, su cultura, al mismo tiempo que aprendes español? Si lo que buscas es aprender el idioma práctico, saber cómo comunicarte con personas nativas, aquí tienes lo que necesitas.


Ofrecemos clases personalizadas en español y experiencias en español donde aprenderás el idioma que necesitas y usarás durante tu tiempo en Sevilla. Uno de tus mayores beneficios es que te sentirás cómodo y seguro rápidamente. Hablar español será fácil y divertido para ti.

Verás resultados de aprendizaje inmediatamente y no lo digo yo, lo dicen nuestros estudiantes, testimonios que aparecen recogidos en nuestra página web. Para ellos aprender un idioma no es estar durante horas sentados en una clase, ellos han sido capaces de explorar la ciudad, conocer su cultura y hablar el idioma que necesitaban durante su estancia en Sevilla.


Por eso, quiero que te sientas preparado y seguro con las herramientas y el conocimiento necesarios para comunicarte en español en mi ciudad. Y quiero hacer que tu viaje a Sevilla sea inolvidable.

Envíanos un email a y nos pondremos en contacto contigo lo antes posible para ofrecerte exactamente lo que necesitas aprender. Todo estará planificado y diseñado exclusivamente para ti.

¡Te esperamos!


Testimonios de algunos estudiantes:

Marshall, California: (17 de abril de 2018) 
“I'm traveling the world solo for five months and I wish I could have done a similar experience in all of the places I've been so far. Cristina is an excellent teacher and I learned how to introduce myself a few different ways, explain that I'm traveling, how to talk to bartenders and waiters at a restaurant, and even a few local colloquialisms. We worked on a few conversations in the coffee shop and then went out into the town to put everything into practice. Since taking the class I have used my new Spanish skills at bars and restaurants and been able to meet new people. I feel much more comfortable in the city with my new Spanish language skills”.
Dave, Georgia: (12 de marzo de 2018)
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Cristina is absolutely wonderful to speak with! You immediately see and feel the love and passion she has for teaching Spanish to estudiantes that want to learn. From personal experience, it's the best to immerse yourself and have to communicate in Spanish in this case. Cristina even gave handouts and had little flash cards for what's important and vital for Sevilla as well as local sayings and phrases. Slang. This was so worth the time and money spent. I encourage anyone looking to improve their Spanish communication to take 90 minutes out of your life and make it worthwhile. This is it!!!
 Cherly, Canadá:  (7 de marzo de 2018)
“What a wonderful experience. For a true beginner, Christina immediately put me at ease, was patient and attentive and tailored the lesson to my interests. The activities and worksheets were exactly what one needs to get started communicating with confidence. I used what I learned today to order lunch, dinner and when I bumped into someone! Very handy and you feel more comfortable being in a country where you can at least communicate doing every day things. I’m here for another month and it has provided a great foundation. Highly recommend Christina and this experience overall”

Laura, Australia: (12 de febrero de 2018)
“This Experience exceeded my expectations. My time with Cristina was interesting, informative and a lot of fun. She took the time to personalise my lesson, so I learnt what I needed to know - a big point of difference with standard language courses. I learnt Spanish as it’s spoken in Spain rather than textbook Spanish. There were plenty of opportunities to practise and I also learnt a lot about Seville, Andalucía, the food and the culture. We went for a walk, which was a guided tour, language lesson and an opportunity to practise all rolled up in one. Cristina is a gifted and passionate teacher. You’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun while you do”. 

Chinny, Texas: (LaCasa Sevilla Is A One Stop Shop for Fantastic Sevilla Experiences and Customized Spanish Lessons
LaCasa Sevilla made my two week stay in Sevilla fun and effortless. I was able to experience beautiful Sevilla through multiple activities with the charming team at LaCasa. I did their speak and live the Spanish way experience, tapas experience, Triana market experience, flamenco dancing class, and a tour of the Museo de Bellas Artes, all the while learning to speak, read and write in Spanish. 

I first signed up for the speak and live the Spanish way experience on Airbnb. I met up with Cristina at a quaint coffee shop in the historical center and we fell into a good rapport right away. We went over some printed materials and then headed out to explore the area. We strolled through a labyrinth of old cobblestone streets while learning about the things around us. It was such a great experience that I ended up signing up for many more classes with Cristina and her team. The classes are very reasonably priced especially for the quality and personalization of the experiences provided.

My LaCasa Sevilla classes gave me the tools and confidence to truly enjoy my stay in Sevilla and the rest of my travels around Spain. I have continued taking Skype classes with Cristina now that I am back home in the US. Hopefully I'll be close to fluent by my next trip to Spain.