If our Brief History of Flamenco zine has peeked your interest... you can access all the music and dance instructions you need to get started here.  

First, the music to get you warmed up

Now, the Basic Flamenco Dance Step uses the heels to establish and keep the rhythm. You can see how to do the basic footwork in this video with award-winning flamenco dancer: Paola Escobar 

You'll have to get used to stamping when you are supposed to, but planting the foot first to tap it.  That means that a stamp (correctly known as a 'flat') is where you quickly bring the foot down in contact with the floor, with the heel and toe landing on the floor at the same time to create one single loud stamping noise.

To plant a tap, you bring either the heel or the toe down to the floor to make the sound but do not lift it again – it remains in contact with the floor. 

With Flamenco dance steps at the beginner level you'll generally always tap down with the toe first, rather than the heel. So a basic tap of the foot would be toe-heel, not heel-toe.

You'll also need to differentiate between putting the two different parts of the foot down independently. That's the heel and the toe (in fact 'toe' usually means the whole ball of the foot in any dancing where tapping is involved). To help you do this, always keep your weight firmly over your hips so you can really get that contact with the floor. And make sure that your knees are soft – not 'locked' straight or you'll jar your lower back and legs.

Once you've tried the Basic Flamenco dance steps, you can also start to add in slow Hand and Arm Movements.  These tend to be wide, fluid circles.

If you check out the next video by Flamencura, you will learn how to complete your routine with simple head, neck and arm movements and positions by practicing the three most foundational steps: Braceo, Floreo and Taconeo.

You will probably be surprised at how quickly these simple steps can be woven into a lovely evocative routine that will include variations in tempo, stamps, taps, a simple turn and all the finishing touches with hands, arms and head.

Why not give it a try with some of the Flamenco Tracks we have for you here.

Now you've checked out our little guide to Flamenco for beginners, we think you are ready to join a local class! 

Happy dancing!