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Seville is epically romantic and equally mysterious. Since Roman times, the ancient fortresses, churches and city streets have witnessed such bloody events as the Spanish Inquisition, countless conquests, religious strife and Civil War.  Seville is also a magical city with secrets hidden within its monuments and landmarks. The past still runs deep within the catacombs that tunnel beneath the streets. Sevilla has seen more violent history and passion than almost anywhere else in Europe, it is also one of the most actively paranormal places around.  Because of this, researchers and experts from around the world travel here to research amazing phenomenon and hidden mysteries. Here are a few of the most intriguing places and stories we have encountered here.

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La Casa de las Sirenas

Despite its elegant and bourgeois appearance, La Casa de las Sirenas, located in the Alameda de Hercules hides a brutal story. The owners, the Portilla family were one of the wealthiest families in Sevilla during the late 19th century. Unfortunately the times were not tolerant, and when one of their daughters revealed her interest in other women, Portilla detained his entire family and locked his homosexual daughter in a room in the attic of the house, for fear that the locals would discover the family secret.   She could not handle the shame and confinement placed on her, and eventually fell into a deep sadness that ended in her death.

Visitors to the house today hear strange cries and there are nights when a figure appears at the attic window and stays until morning. The building is now a cultural center, and strange sightings and events are constantly reported.

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The Faculty of Fine Arts

The Faculty of Fine Arts is one of the most famous paranormal sites in Sevilla. There are countless unexplained events, and the building has been the subject of countless investigations that have made headlines in newspapers around the province.  Professors and students of the university have even gone on strike to protest being forced to work in such a haunted place.

Lights that turn on and off, temperature changes and strange noises plague daily life in this university building. These events are thought to be related to the death of James Santiago, one of the buildings maintenance workers, whose soul has been trapped in the building. The morning after Santiago died of a heart attack, a strange presence filled the faculty. All of the plants Santiago planted and cared were aggressively torn, and several students refused to ever return to the building.  

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Palace Monsalves

This building has been featured in several Spanish television series, but most people who spend significant time here are convinced that the ghost of a young girl roams the building, creating chaos for other inhabitants.  Actress Maria Leon in fact described events with no other explaination such as showers that turned on alone and temperature disturbances.

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Vilima Department Store

This department store building, situated on Calle Pellón near the Plaza de la Encarnación, has been the scene of many unexplained phenomenon such as the aggressive launching of toys by invisible hands.  Customers report being trapped in dressing rooms and employees talk about the sporatic nature of lights and electricity constantly. Currently the store is closed, but several directors have been interested in the place as set for films.  One such director, in post production, realized he was missing part of the footage he shot that day, while the rest of the reel was filled with strange sounds they did not hear while shooting.

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Ghosts at the Feria

The Feria de Abril is equally iconic and fun.  One of the most important events all year in Sevilla. If I were a local ghost I would not let my lack of a body keep me from going; and it seems there are several local spirits who feel the same.  One local story is on a night shift guard who encountered the same wine stealing man night after night in the back of the casetta he was watching.  When he asked him his name, he said he worked there and was welcome to take the wine.

One afternoon at the start of his shift, the guard was discussing the strange man with a caterer, and asked if he knew the man.  The caterer was surprised and asked if he knew the man's name; the guard nodded yes and responded. At that point he ran to his house to get an old photograph, with the guard close behind him. The photo was of three men at the fair, and one of them wearing the clothing of the mysterious man. When asked if he recognized the picture while he held her in his hands, the watchman nodded and apologized for thinking it was a freeloader when he was actually a member of the house. The caterer responded by saying that “This man died years ago in an accident returning from the fair, this photo is the last to be taken of him.  

There are many more stories like this to be told, and you are bound to discover new ones yourself as you roam the ancient streets of Sevilla. If you have a ghost story to share with us, please leave it in the comments below! We will be giving away a Haunted Experience box to the story that receives the most comments :)

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