Where the Sun is Always Shining


If you are on a quest for relaxation, we suggest that you run, not walk, straight to the beach! Where the sun is always shining and the sea shimmers like silver fish scales.
When we want to rest and rejuvinate, we don’t have to drive far… the closest beaches are only 45 minutes from Sevilla.

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Matalascañas is one of our favorites, in the Province of Huelva, a town of about 800 people.  In the summer, when the heat in Seville is unbearable (52 degrees celcius) in the shade, such an escape to the sea is our salvation. And, not only for us… A reported half of Sevillians have holiday homes in Matalascañas ☺  In the summer months we love this town for its unique atmosphere, heart imbued restaurants and friendly locals.  Tourists do not come here often, but when they do they must try the crispy pescaito frito (little fried fish).


In the winter we bring our bathing suits, but may only dip our feet, or walk the seaside promenade which is almost 6 km long. Although it is December, the sun is incredibly strong here, and hats and sunscreen are still a must every day.  
In Matalascañas, the beaches are wide, and the sand is golden and delicate. At the end of the very long promenade there are beautiful dunes to explore, part of Doñana National Park. There is a boardwalk on the other side that leads to a lighthouse, and along the way you will find a bit of Torre de la Higuera immersed in the water, located on the beach of Castilla. It is one of 11 towers built along the Atlantic coast in the 16th century by King Philip II.

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The landscape here is always changing, and we encourage you to explore both the town and the beautiful beaches of this region.  Many Andalusian beaches are less know and less frequented by tourists which gives them a unique and wild feel.


In the coming weeks we will share more of our favorite spots, but in the meantime...write to us and tell us about you favorite weekend getaways, or let us know which beaches you would like to learn more about.  
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