A visit to the Bodegas Luis Pérez


One November day I set out for Cádiz, to relax on the beach, dip my toes in the sea and enjoy some seafood.  On the highway from Seville to Cadiz, at the tip top of Jerez de la Frontera, I saw an intriguing modern building and decided to pull off and take a look.  About 5 minutes from the highway, and 10 minutes up a dirt road I found a beautiful sight, the Bodegas of Luis Pérez


I arrived at a spacious, glass building where I was greeted warmly and invited to join a tour of the vineyards.  I quietly asked what kind of tour this would be, and the woman told me that people come from all over the world to learn about the vines and traditions of this region and this family.  We would also learn about the critical selection and production processes. Although I was 10 minutes late for the tour, I was in time to join in.  During the visit I learned a lot about the local vines and production as well as the land on which the grapes grow.


We were shown the production process and the barrels where the wine is aged.  The whole visit was incredibly interesting, but the best part was the cata de vinos, the wine tasting! We tried 4 that day, 3 reds and 1 white… accompanied by jamon iberico, an assortment of cheeses and olive oil which are also available and produced here.  



The founder Luis Pérez
Was a winemaker and professor of the Oenology whose creative spirit and enthusiasm lead him to open this bodega in 2002 in an effort to recover and diversify the wine production of the Jerez area.
Driven to revitalize the viticulture of this area, which had become dominated by Sherry production, Luis invested his family in reviving the varieties of past millennia, especially reds such as Syrah, Petit verdot and Merlot. The fields and home he chose for the project was called the Hacienda Vistahermosa (beautiful view), on the hill of Pago del Corchuelo in Jerez de la Frontera.
The farm consists of 25 gorgeous hectares, and has many features that make it truly unique.

The varieties (Syrah, Petit verdot, Merlot, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tintilla), have been strategically chosen to re-develop a low production viticulture similar to what would have been practiced in the past. The recovery of the Tintilla variety in particular has not been an easy task, as the vines were almost extinct. Luis planted and grafted only the most suitable strains to preserve the quality that this native variety,  and the Albariza soil in this area provides an unmistakable character to every variety.


We had the pleasure of trying 4 varieties, 3 reds and one white which is produced from the Tintilla grapes that are often used in the regions Sherry production.

Which of these reds do you think was my favorite?  Which one would you most like to try?

GARUM Deep ruby red colour. Intense flavours, with hints of underbrush, ripe red fruit, spice, licorice, coffee and cocoa.

SAMARUCO Deep cherry red in colour with red-fruits aromas and deep hints of cherries in liqueur, spices, herbs, cocoa, graphite and ink.

EL TRIANGULO Deep cherry red in colour. Complex flavours expressed in such unusual flavors as stone, earth, truffle and ink.


During the tasting there was no end to the conversation and laughter, it was a great time! The wines were so delicious I found it difficult to choose which to bring home.  I do not regret that I did not reach the beaches of Cadiz that day, the sea can wait!


To find out more about this lovely bodega, be sure to visit their website.

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Special thanks to Fatima, the daughter of Mr. Luis Pérez, and her colleague Virginia who were our hosts!


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