Algarve: A little paradise right next door



One of the cooler aspects of living in Sevilla is it’s proximity to Portugal. By car, the beautiful Algarve region is only an hour away.

In the autumn and winter months we go there to find a little sun and warmth,  in the spring and summer we escape to Algarve to relax in the pleasant coolness of one of our favorite beaches - Praia Verde.


Praia Verde is a beautiful beach that stretches before a forest of huge black pine trees.  The entrance to the beach lies between cobbled streets where we we find homes reminiscent of a mountain village rather than a seaside retreat.  

to the beach.jpg



In the center of this quarter we find a small local market, a pharmacy, a café and restaurants...





As we move towards the beach, we pass an elegant beachfront restaurant which but due to its location, does not require formal clothing for daytime dining. Regardless of the time of day, or time of year, the food is always delicious here

From the restaurant we take a big step straight into the golden sand of Praia Verde, and enter paradise. The Portuguese serenity overtakes us and we rush to our beach blankets as the children run straight into the water.


A little while later we drift to sleep with the scent of sea breeze mixed with woody pine.☺

Here is a little insider tip: The tides are very high at this beach, so be sure to ask a local if the tide is in or out before setting up your blankets, or you peaceful nap may be interrupted by a cold wave of salty ocean.


Have you been to Algarve?  What are your favorite beaches?  Be sure to share your thoughts and inside tips in the comments below.  

If you can't make it to Algarve right now, be sure to check out our Summer Seaside Experience for a quick getaway at home.  

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